Caribbean Hair Products are Good for Everybody


OK, I know it is no secret just how pro-Caribbean I am.  Let’s face it, I play tropical music (new album Latindian Style out now, btw 😉 ), you read about me supporting Miss Universe Guyana, somewhere on youtube are  Shenseea remixes I can’t stop doing because I’m crazy abt her, and I think Trinidad Coconut Water should be a daily drink.

But what about our HAIR?

I recently came across this product line called Happy Curls, Happy Girls.  It’s the only artisan hair care line formulated for the Caribbean.   The first thing I noticed is how multicultural their image is, and I’m about to get really really Real here.  MOST high end hair companies, even in the curly hair niche, have only white models in their ads and packaging.  not just white, Nazi White.  Which doesn’t make much sense – who is buying your curly hair products? And why do big box high end companies think that hair products are a way to promote their subtle white supremacist beliefs?  Not Cool [not mentioning company name here] – you know who you are.   So of course, my first impression of Happy Curls, Happy Girls (let’s call them HCHG) is that they’re legit.  They understand who this world is.  Hair products are for Everybody.


The second thing I noticed about this brand is the impressive formulation of all natural ingredients, almost the same ingredients as those which my grandmother used to tell me to put in my hair.  Indians, we LOVE our coconut oil.  These are the same ingredients you would recommend for straight hair as well.  The HCHG product line, although recommended for curly hair, will absolutely work on any hair type.  Seriously.


Daily Scented Hair Spritz

These spritzer bottles are Awesome! With the little lock for open/close and they spritz on creamy somehow. And again, no junk ingredients – full on real stuff.  As if it is homemade. It might be, I don’t know.  This Cucumber Melon spritz smells fantastic.

Protect and Grow Hair Oil

No Mineral Oil fillers!! And are you ready?  It has Neem oil in it.  NEEM OIL! If that’s not the most Caribbean/Indian thing to do I don’t know what is!  It also has Tea Tree oil, and of course Jojoba and Coconut.  I was a little weary of olive oil in my hair – but research shows otherwise.  It’s a natural DHT blocker (then again they say the same thing about Coconut Oil which is magic to hair), nothing i’m Actually concerned over but I am getting that age where every little thing is “supposed to be” a concern.   In any case, research shows that it is good for hair.

Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner 

Do you know how hard it was for me not to EAT this product??? Just smell it you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about (hahahahaha it actually says “External Use Only” on the container – guess I’m not the first person to think about making a curry out of it).  Once again, it is stuff my grandmother would recommend with some added vitamins and a natural emulsifier.

What do you think? Have you tried/seen these or similar products?  And is it wrong that I’m doing a Caribbean coconut milk conditioning treatment right now while listening to one of my own songs to set the mood 😀 ?



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