Fun in the Sun Beauty Must Haves

By Mary Thompson –

Fun in the Sun Beauty Must Haves

Leaving home without these little bits and pieces just isn’t an option

It would be ideal to think that most summer holidays are spontaneous and fun. After all aren’t they supposed to be composed of rest and relaxation? However, while lying on the beach without a care in the world most of us tend to forget that those hot summer night won’t be much fun without the preparation that goes along with it.

Being prepared doesn’t mean packing everything else besides the kitchen sink

Nothing can cast a dark shadow on a summer holiday faster than forgetting an ever-essential product at home. Some cosmetics such as palettes and mascaras can easily be replaced by another closely comparable alternative. However, it’s the essentials such as sun protection and hair tools which can really put a damper on the festivities.

No need to stress out any longer the world’s leader in everything beauty Sephora has once again come to the rescue.

These aeroplane safe cosmetics and tools are sure to make missing the comforts of home a thing of the past. Despite this wide selection of products to suit even the pickiest of tastes, there won’t be any need to worry about those pesky bag check fees.

TSA will be sure not to turn a head when scanning over these products.

First things first for days of fun in the sun, it should all be taken with an ounce of caution

These sun protection products will ensure that each day of relaxation is sure to be carefree and void of all hassle and stress.

Coola Liplux : At first glance, this product may be the furthest thing from anyone’s mind when it comes to summer protection essential. Nevertheless, what most tend to forget is that of all our 3000 parts the skin on lips are the most sensitive and easily damaged.

This product is perfect for getting the job done without mucking your pores up with other unnecessary chemicals. Its quality of being a clear sunscreen is quite rare these days since so many other cosmetics who protect lips from the sun’s harmful rays tend to contain colour.

Its clear compassion makes this product perfect to use for both men and women as well as your little ones as well. Safe for even the most sensitive lips considering the fact that it’s completely free of parabens and sulfates and contains less than 1% of synthetic fragrances.

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Summer Edition : This is another product that most people will not expect to find on any summer travel essentials kit. But, aren’t the summer holidays a time to be comfortable while at the same time still be styling?

The simplicity of this product is what causes it to be frequently overlooked. But what most tend to forget is that the start of any great hairstyle is tangle free locks that weren’t tugged and torn into place.

This handy gadget is perfect to use on all hair types and lengths, guaranteed to get hair feeling soft, tangle and knot free. After all aren’t the summer holidays supposed to be effortless void of any stress or complications?

Coola Mineral Sport Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 : For those who desire full-body sunscreen coverage this product is an absolute must-have. Wouldn’t it be great to safely have fun in the sun without having to fear the dreaded reality of opening your luggage only to find out that your pricey sunscreen has spilt everywhere?

It seems as if no matter how meticulously packed this messy debacle is always bound to take place. Not only will this product prove this hazard to be virtually non-existent, but its aeroplane approved as well. Don’t be fooled by the compact size. It’s astounding that 1 oz. a stick can go a long way. Clearly, it doesn’t take much to get the job done.

Looks like looking good and feeling great really does come in small packages and for a bargain price

These products are sure to be worth their weight in gold. For a wider variety of choices feel free to browse through Sephora’s site and shops. There’s bound to be a product that’ll cast a ray of sunshine on anyone summer gets away.


Mary Thompson

Shiva’s Blue Throat – The Famous Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

This Video is awesome because it starts out with strangers listening to Mom talk. Even on the airplane total strangers would see her and just ask her for help for the most random stuff LOL.

This is the famous Neelkanth Mandir.  Ever wonder why Shiv’s got a blue throat? This temple is what honors the place of the famous story where the demons and the gods churned the ocean to get nectar, and of course churned out poison as well.  Shiva graciously drank the poison and stopped it in his throat – thus turning it blue.

It’s a major temple/pilgrimage site for any Shiva fan, especially because of what we weren’t allowed to film – the main Shivling on the inside.  The shivling naturally grew out of the ground.  I hit my head on the short ceiling while trying to get in there, which the priest thought was hilarious ;).  A sign of good luck I hope.  Seeing a naturally occurring shivling that sprouted out of the ground geologically, perhaps thousands of years ago is pretty amazing.  They built the temple around it.

The temple grounds itself are pretty confusing.  Mom and I got lost. Twice.  It wasn’t until we got through the chaos and saw everything did we actually learn where we were standing!

Check it out!


Ewwww – We Get Slimed by a Bull on a Bridge in India

You’ll have to excuse my commentary in this vid  – the hopelessness  & dearth of regard in India does get to you eventually. If you’re an Indian that’s easily offended or embarrassed, you may want to watch with the sound off.  You still get to see Dad and Me get #metoo’d by a slimy sweaty bull walking past us on a treacherous bridge over the Ganga river! Pa’Nasty :D!


The Function in Function of Beauty (aka) is Function of Beauty Worth It?

By Mary Thompson –

Function of Beauty?

Fake products…

Seems that lately, Facebook has lost focus from its main purpose of a way to keep in touch with family and friends. These days it’s also the place to find the latest trends in health and beauty. This is only natural I guess since society seems to engage on that social media platform on a daily basis.

With digital environments soon becoming the norm of social interaction, comes the sense of trust people tend to develop in products that are advertised on them. After all only good can come out of Facebook right?


Recently the discrepancies of privacy and “fake news” have caused the company to re-think their choices and tweak features for the good of the users and nothing more. Perhaps just maybe they should also take a look at the products featured on news feeds which paint a pretty picture to make any advertisement look legit.

Well it was worth a try

It seems that a few catchy phrases, demo videos and a website accompanied by some reviews are sure to make any product worth it. If arranged the right away anything can be sold even for the steepest of price tags.

Needless to say like so many others searching for the perfect product that actually does what it says it will. I was astounded that a bottle of shampoo and conditioner could take the place of other haircare products. Thus, shelling out $36 for two 8 oz. bottles seemed to be a no-brainer.

Customizable ingredients? What are exactly are they?

So many shampoos and conditioners cater to different hair types, but it’s no secret that everyone can’t simply be categorized into certain groups. There’s always going to be a much-needed feature missing. Thus, when the revolutionary concept of haircare specifically made for each user’s needs is introduced well you can bet consumers will flock to try it out.

Throw in the fact that all of the ingredients are natural and void of any harsh chemicals. Putting all those components together will no doubt create a best seller. However, when it comes down to exactly what these ingredients are suddenly the mystery starts to take shape.

Despite efforts to thoroughly comb through Function of Beauty’s website a breakdown of ingredients seems to be nowhere in sight. However, without a doubt, the absence of a detailed ingredient list won’t deter skyrocketing sales. Unfortunately, words such as “cruelty-free” “no parabens or sulfates” seems to do the trick.

What’s the verdict?

Sadly, after trying out the product for about a week without the addition to of anything else, in order to achieve honest results. Despite these efforts while keeping an open mind, the results were nothing but a fiasco of false hopes.

Function of Beauty’s prediction failure came after first dispensing the shampoo. Even with a good amount, the number of suds created were disappointing, to say the least. The strands felt as though they were immersed in a balm as opposed to what one would expect from a high-quality sudsy shampoo.

When it came to the conditioner it didn’t do any better. Given the fact that the formula created was for a deep moisture cleanse the end result was lacking. Instead of resembling a thicker substance which would be expected from something delivering rich moisture. It was instead a watered down concoction which wasn’t thick in the slightest.

The only aspects which came as advertised were the amount of, colouring in the formula and the fact that each both had a customized label.

The end results?

They were exactly what would be expected given the thinned out quality of the formula. The same or even worse than what would come of a cheaper drugstore brand.

Could an onslaught of disappointing results lead to the end of the line for Function of Beauty?

Probably not for the simple reason that it answers the all-important consumer demand. With that comes societies need for convenience, and anything environmentally friendly. Even if it means paying top dollar for small amounts that are hardly enough to last a month.

This calls into the question the presence of the “function” in Function of Beauty.


Mary Thompson