5 Top Italian Wines for Less Than Starbucks

Italian Wine
Italian Biodynamic wines are increasingly become more popular both inside Italy and outside of Italy

Outside of Italy it is not always easy to fine top Italian wines that cost under 10. For some reason, we have associated the cost of wine with the enjoyment thereof. Just because you paid over 90 for a bottle of wine, does not necessarily mean that it is to your taste. I enjoy pairing wine with food as many of you might know and the price is not really something I focus on. If the wine tastes good and can be paired with the dish I have in mind, then I buy it.  Usually I attend as many wine tasting as possible to sample what is not only good but also affordable.

Some would have everyone believe that French wines are of a higher quality than almost any other country.  However if you were to compare to the wine produced in Italy to that of almost any other country you would find that Italian wines are amazing especially when compared in price to their French counterpart. Out of the 50 most expensive wines in the world, 38 are produced in France. Just because something costs more, does not necessarily mean it is of a higher quality. There are some expensive wines that I enjoy, but then there are those that cost less than $10 dollars and taste just as delicious, if not more. I have decided to share some of my favorite low budget Italian wines with you.

Top Five Wines For less than a steak dinner

  • Capezzana, Conti Contini Sangiovese Toscana 2005 – €9

The dark vine (Sangiovese) is usually synonymous when it comes to Tuscany’s red wines. This vine goes back for generations and is the core ingredient in some of Italy’s top wines. The slow ripening provides a stronger wine and is richer than those produced from earlier ripening vines. Having a wine that is 100% made from the Sangiovese blend provides a clean and fruity taste with a light spice tone. This wine is great for pairing with red meat or a vegetarian dish with legumes as the base.

  •  Monte degli Angeli, Monferrato Pinot Noir – 2007 – €9

A great wine to have with any dinner has to be Monderreto Pinot Noir. It’s medium bodied with a smoky and fruity undertone. There is a hint of cinnamon and plum sauce hidden in there, which softens the taste just a little.  If you are not a red wine person, the taste of this wine is easy to get used to and enjoy.

  • Feudo Arancio, Nero d’Avola – 2007 €9

    Italy uses over 3,000 grapes officially to produces it vast assortment of high quality wines.

When you are looking for an uncomplicated wine with medium intensity, this one might be a good option for you. It’s dry with fruity tones and a bitter finish that is not unpleasant. This is one of those wines where price does not determine taste. If compared to some of its more expensive counterparts, this wine does not make the competition easy.

  • Bricco dei Tati, Barbera Piemonte – 2007 €7

Barbera wines are usually full bodied, but this one I would place more in the medium category. Besides the prune and cinnamon tones, you can also experience some earthy tones like mushroom, sage and leather. As sinful as it might be to pair a red wine with white meat, this works surprisingly well. If I had to guess, I’d say it has to do with the light fruity tones of blueberry and cherry.

  • Cupcake Prosecco, Veneto – €8

Sparkling wines are fun and creates an atmosphere of celebration, even if there isn’t one. Just the name Cupcake Prosecco sounds delicious and it does not disappoint. It’s light and airy with an undeniable taste of cupcakes. The tones of citrus is prominent and although seen as a desert wine, it’s also great to sip on without any pairing. For me, in the battle of Italian Prosecco versus French Champagne, Prosecco wins of quality for price.

There is an excellent Italian Wine for every budget

At the end of the day no matter what the occasion may be, there is just something special about opening a bottle of wine. It might be your reward for winning in the boardroom or simply in celebration of making it through a tough time. At the end of the day, even strangers can have a few things in common.

Semone NoelSemone Noel, a transplant New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn by Caribbean parents. After moving to Italy and discovering the Italian Sweet Life for herself. She created the food & wine blog www.Gastronomer.co, named one of the top 50 gastronomy blogs in summer 2017 by Facebook. Inc.

East Asian Secrets to Staying Slim

yoga indian yoga guy meditation symbol body health asian zen exercise spiritual yogi peace meditating relaxation spirituality energy harmony fitness people balance person pose young concentration nature relax calm vitality wellbeing wellness exercising yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga meditation health health health health exercise exercise exercise balance wellness wellness
YogawithAmit (CC0), Pixabay

Could Oolong tea be the key to achieving lasting weight loss?

Most of us are all too familiar with the cycles of fluctuating weight which seems to be a never lasting battle against getting rid of those annoying pounds. Once they’ve been taken off a few months later and they’re back again.

But, what if there was a way to keep the weight off altogether?

Most of the main reasons behind these diet failures are crash diets that no one can stick to for obvious reasons. Such as the allowed food of that current diet plan just not tasting very good and who can forget daily calorie counting?

Wouldn’t it be great to eat what we want and keep the pounds at bay?

Perhaps the answer could be hiding in plain sight

One of the most eye-opening cultural differences between western and eastern cultures particularly that of China and Japan is that they seem to be eating dishes most of us would consider unhealthy. In terms of carbs through rice and noodles practically 3 times a day or more as well as high-calorie foods. After all one of the first things that come to mind when people think of Chinese cuisine is something indulgent that just isn’t healthy.

This perception of Asian cuisine has been immersed in western society so much so that it’s been second nature to approach these food choices in that mindset. Wouldn’t it be great to find out that these take away dishes so many of us are fond of could actually be beneficial to health?

No expensive supplements or work out routines will be found here

That statement is far from a catchy phrase. On the contrary, it’s the essence of the East Asian healthy diet. After all, people were thin before gyms. There’s no reason we should believe that access to expensive exercise equipment is the only way to get healthy. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a good walk in the park.

But, as it is with everything else in order to achieve not only a lean physique and be healthy on the inside as well there has to be a key component. That’s precisely where Oolong tea comes in to play.

The weight loss benefits of Oolong tea have proved to be such a valid claim that health care practitioners have gone so far to say that the effects are not just far highly possible in fact they’re guaranteed. Before competitors voice objections to this claim by saying it just can’t be done. Perhaps we should look to results demonstrated across entire populations.

What exactly is Oolong tea?

A semi-fermented Chinese tea which because of its oxidation process has enabled it to combine is unique components with those found in green tea as well. The result is a brew that practically zeros in on weight loss.

By consuming just two cups per day as part of one’s regular routine will help to prevent the proliferation of fat cells. In addition, an increase in metabolism will occur. Thus, it plays a key role in the prevention as well as turning the clock back on obesity.

The lack of negative side effects makes Oolong tea suitable for adults and children since the caffeine contained in each cup is minimal, to say the least. Each of the health benefits contained in Oolong tea is so potent that even individuals who typically indulge in high-fat sugary foods see noticeable benefits in how they look and feel.

The benefits just keep getting better

As a result of the anti-obesity benefits of Oolong tea, it is also a key component in the prevention of high cholesterol and heart disease. Just when it couldn’t get any better regular consumption is also linked to combatting ovarian cancer. Other well-known benefits are increasing bone strength, clarifying skin allergies and mental sharpness.

Why wait?

Certainly, Oolong tea is well known for improving health. But, why wait for illness and weight gain to occur. Unlike most supplements who if taken too early can be harmful. Oolong tea is safe enough to consume even before health problems occur.

It’s hardly complicated, just brew for 3 minutes and there you go. So give it a try there is literally nothing to lose.



Mary Thompson




Ultra Easy No-Cook Homemade Habanero Sauce

Habanero Hot Sauce

So my sister & brother-in-law gave me this habaneros from their garden that are so potent, they could sell em as weapons! I’m not kidding, they taste amazingly fresh but are SO MUCH HOTTER than store bought habaneros I couldn’t really figure out the best way to use them.  Let’s face it, even store bought habaneros are off the charts on the heat level.  They’re no Ghost Pepper, but the only reason to have ghost pepper in your kitchen is if you’re on some sort of “frat-boy bro challenge” to see who can handle the heat without peeing their pants.  [BTW If you are interested in such a challenge, I have just the EXTREME hot sauce for you here: https://www.hotsaucedepot.com/anand-bhatt-extreme-ghost-pepper-sauce-5oz/ ]

Now you’ve probably seen me on YouTube or Amazon Prime Video turning a batch of Bob’s habaneros (Crom rest his soul, and no it wasn’t the habaneros that killed him) into homemade hot sauce the old fashioned way where I showed you how to boil them on the stove.  This process was time consuming and made my house smell like vinegar for weeks so I wanted to do something that was super easy (and didn’t require rubber gloves).  Then it hit me: ICED TEA!

When I was a kid, our neighbor used to make iced-tea by putting it in a jar and sticking it out the backyard for a day or more and let the sun do all the work for him.   AWESOME, hence the no-cook habanero sauce is born!


You’ll Need:

A few habaneros

Some apple cider vinegar

Some yellow mustard

(option) some honey [manuka honey rocks for this].

FIRST, so you don’t have to wear gloves, move the habaneros around to your cutting board by stabbing them with a knife.  And with that same knife stab slits in them.

SECOND, move them into a jar.  Then fill that jar up with apple cider vinegar.  That’s IT for now!

THIRD STEP – Put that jar outside and let nature do all the work for you!! Come back anywhere between 6 to 8 hours.  4 hours will work too I’m guessing.  Alternatively if it gets dark quickly where you are after a few hours you can move the jar to the fridge overnight.

STEP FOUR, remove your habaneros (that are now pseudo-pickled.  If you like that sort of thing go ahead and eat them or slice up and use like crazy potent hab-pepperoncinis).   Or toss em, bugs won’t even go near them – habaneros may as well be erupting volcanoes to them.   What’s left over is perfectly spicy habanero flavored vinegar juice.  It is hot, but tolerably hot.  Still if you touch it, wash your hands – especially before rubbing your eyes or something.

STEP FIVE, squirt as much yellow mustard as you want into the jar.  Based on your taste, you’re going to want to do it slowly and keep tasting.

[OPTIONAL] Add honey to taste.

This stuff is perfect on everything!



P.S. Like this post? Then show your support by grabbing a bottle (or more) of Anand Bhatt Signature Hot Sauce here: https://www.hotsaucedepot.com/brands/Anand-Bhatt.html

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Airplane Essentials and Tips

By Mary Thompson –

Aeroplane Essentials and Tips

Some package deals may look cheap, but the hidden fees do add up

When deciding to go on a trip that involves planes and airports careful financial planning can end up costing so much more than meets the eye. The very act of choosing what airline to go with can seem like daunting task.

Most people tend to turn to popular websites specializing in reduced cheap airfare such as Travelocity and Price Line. After entering the dates and destination it’s natural that most individuals would gravitate to the cheapest deal. However, before deciding to grab that deal with seems to be reasonably priced stop and think.

Why’s it so cheap? Could there possibly be a catch?

For the most part, there is and it’s hardly hidden. In fact, all that’s needed is to take a few minutes to go through the airline’s webpage. For instance, it’s standard for most airlines to allow passengers to take along a personal item and carryon completely free of charge. While a checked bag tends to come with a fee.

Nevertheless, the same can’t be said for cheaper airlines. The personal items such as a purse, laptop or small bag can be taken on without any fees, but when it comes to a carryon, it comes as a shock that has a fee. Suddenly, that quoted deal on the website resembles nothing but a cheap ploy.

Online check in’s, they’re worth it!

Most airlines will offer discounts to passengers who choose to check in online as well as pay for bags and receive seat assignments. These are available 24 hours before the flight. For travellers with children, it’s best to reserve seats at the time of the booking.

That dry cabin air will get anyone down

When the pilot and flight attendants wish the passengers a good flight, wouldn’t it be nice with they could warn them about the discomforts of a pressurized cabin? The harsh effects of this confined setting tend to be felt in one’s lips and face. Isn’t it great to know that there are in fact easy ways to combat these hazards?

Lip balm such as Blistex usually gets the job done or face cream and lip gloss from Nivea are popular choices as well. For passengers really in a bind to find the right remedy something a couple of dabs of Vaseline on lips and Ponds face cream is all that’s needed to get the job done.

Sleeping on a plane? Yes it’s possible

Now when those aspects of getting through a long flight are sorted then comes relaxation and hopefully the chance to sneak in a nap or two. This is especially essential for those double-digit hour flights. Once again this is another task easily accomplished through simple remedies such as purchasing an eye mask from Target.

Once the mask is on thus creating a sense of darkness, melatonin or any other form of sleep medication will probably be permissible. After all getting some sleep in a cramped unfamiliar place certainly can’t be easy. Of course, when taking any type of medication a doctor should be consulted.

Snacks and drinks?

Anyone who’s been to an airport is well aware of the fact that food or beverages sold in them are incredibly overpriced. To remedy this situation some may suggest bringing something from home. However, given the guidelines of airport security, that is simply out of the question. It’s been common knowledge that brings large amounts of liquids are completely out of the question. Since things seem to be changing on a daily basis perhaps it will be smart to steer clear of any outside food passed the checkpoints at all.

For those individuals who simply must have something to eat. It would be a good idea to be prepared to spend at least $15-20 per person. That may seem a bit high, but given the options and environment, it’s better to be realistic.

There’s no getting around the fact that air travel will cost a pretty penny

Hopefully, these tips will at least prevent passengers from feeling robbed at the end of their trip. After all, every little bit helps, and when the total charges can add up to the thousands any discount is sure to help.


Mary Thompson


@WholeFoods & The New Face of Healthy Eating

By Mary Thompson –

It doesn’t have to cost a bundle to eat well

Most of us are used to the assumption that eating non-GMO, organic and overall healthy food also comes with a pretty steep price tag. One of the biggest names to lead the health food craze Whole Foods Market proved that was more than a stereotype, but a reality. It’s also no secret that due to the mess in the economy, not many people can afford to pay an arm and a leg for a week’s worth of grocery.

Whole Foods takes the lead again and this time through budget-friendly alternatives

It’s no mystery as to why Whole Foods Market’s products tend to come with high prices after all the reason is simple. Most of their products are considered gourmet and rare finds. However, peeling back the layers of brands which are no stranger to heavy price tags, reveals a brand that frequent Whole Food’s Market shoppers are no stranger to, the 365 brand.

Despite their various walks of life, it would be hard for any Whole Food’s Market shopper to deny that they’ve purchased a 365 product. After all, not only is it reasonably priced, but the quality is top notch as well.

In fact, the popularity of 365 products has grown so much that it can now be found in even conventional grocery stores who don’t necessarily cater to healthy eating. However, the main objective Whole Foods wanted to accomplish of educating society into being conscious of the food they consume tends to consume seems to fall through the cracks.

This unavoidable hazard happens when 365 products are surrounded by everything that is unhealthy such as artificial colours and high fructose corn syrup. But, what if there was no guesswork to food choices? To make things even better, wouldn’t it be great to not feel robbed at the end of every shopping trip?

Whole Foods 365 stores, just what’s good for you minus the fluff

One of the common reactions new customers have when stepping into a Whole Foods 365 store is the fancy signage and imported cheese selections are nowhere in sight.  At first glance, this may seem like a deterrent. However what customers have to realize is that this store may be a branch of Whole Foods, but that’s all the stores have in common.

The store is instead focused on only 365 products at low prices which could end up rivalling other grocery store chains. However, not to worry as they have kept the Whole Foods staples customers are used to such as the deli and salad bar.

Could this narrow selection hinder the 365 store’s expansion?

Through the point of view of someone less dedicated to the health food craze, this is an assumption easily reached. But, for those who have made getting vitamins and nutrients in every meal a lifestyle, the 365 store is more of a time saver. Sort of a one-stop shop for everything 365.


A negative side to the 365 concepts?

Despite the obvious pros showcased by the stores, not everyone is on board. In fact, some critics have even gone so far as to say this “expansion” could ultimately lead to Whole Foods Market store’s going out of business. This disastrous outcome would most likely not from other chains but within the company itself.

An outcome such as this could easily come to pass when customers, realize that they’re paying too much for Whole Foods Market. Why do this when it’s far cheaper to purchase cheaper yet a product equally high in quality? Thus, resulting in Whole Foods Market closing their doors and Whole Foods 365 all that’s left of the health food giant’s legacy.

There’s always going to be negativity in every bunch

Perhaps these presumptions are a bit farfetched? It could be given that Whole Food 365 seems to be without the rare hard to find products available at Whole Foods Market.

At the end of the day, it’s always a good thing that more people will be financially able to access healthy food. Wasn’t this Whole Food’s goal from the very beginning?

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing when it’s actually good for you.


Mary Thompson


Dumbo Once Again Takes Flight

By Mary Thompson –


Perhaps Disney has learned its lesson in changing things up too much?

Just a few weeks ago speculation emerged that Dumbo would be the next Disney animated film to be brought to life as a live-action remake on the silver screen. Along with the glee and excitement to see the flying elephant come to life came disappointment and worry that what the audience may be getting is far from what they expect.

These dark feelings surrounding the beloved fairy tale are far from unfounded. On the contrary, it’s a disappointment most of us are sure to see. After all Disney live action remakes have a pretty bad track record when it comes to “sticking to the script.” At times these changes have gone past expected additions such as new songs. Some have gone far enough to completely alter the plot of the story completely as was the case with Maleficent.

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one in the audience to ask what just happened at the end of that movie.

Could Dumbo be free of these twists to spice things up which ultimately backfire?

Tim Burton has caused audiences to let out a sigh of relief if the trailer is anything to go by. As far as anyone can see how he hasn’t distorted the classic tail. In fact, he has succeeded in enhancing it. I’m sure most will agree that the most thrilling part of the trailer which lasted just under a couple of minutes, was seeing Dumbo take flight.

We can also rest assured that this feature film will not be taking the same form of Tim Burton’s other products such as the Nightmare Before Christmas. You won’t find any clay animations here. The people are real and Dumbo was constructed to resemble a real elephant.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop there. The song, “Baby Mine” which captured so many hearts and brought tears to everyone’s eyes is proudly showcased throughout the trailer.

Are we bound to see some talking elephants and Dumbo’s trusty companion Timothy Q. Mouse?

If Disney’s live-action production of the Jungle Book is anything to by, the answer would be a definite yes. In fact, judging by the original animated film it would be hard to tell the story without giving voices to Dumbo and Timothy. Not to mention, Mrs Jumbo Dumbo’s loving mother.

It would be difficult to play out the heartbreaking scene of Dumbo being separated from his mother without the aid of verbal communication. Surely, this new adaptation wouldn’t exclude that iconic scene the whole story is based on. The trailer in itself gives an indication that the scene did take place.

Can we positively say that this version of Dumbo will indeed stay true to the original?

Going by what we’ve seen so far there’s a good chance we could get lucky. However, if these predictions would go by Disney remakes past behaviour Dumbo could follow in the footsteps of those before it and win over part of the audience while the others are disappointed.

Upon taking a deeper look into the movies overall synopsis at first glance everything appears the same. Nevertheless, the cast seems to be composed of characters of actual people as opposed to the actual animals.

Speaking of the cast of characters it’s hard to ignore the big names attached to the project. From Colin Farrell to Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito just to name a few. The list just keeps getting better. Hopefully, these big names aren’t simply a way to lure audiences to a feature they would otherwise be disappointed in.

What can we hope to get from the magical tale of our favourite flying elephant come to life?

Something that’ll be loosely based on the Disney adaptation while closely resembling the original novel by Helen Aberson. There’s more than likely going to be the addition of new songs while keeping iconic ones and key scenes. Not to mention spectacular special effects.

Nonetheless, it does make me apprehensive to discover that no voice over actors and actresses have been cast for the characters of the animal kingdom. However, this is Tim Burton, so the best approach to take to this anticipated big screen experience is don’t knock it until you try it.

Who knows we may just be pleasantly surprised?


Mary Thompson


Essential Summer Must Haves

Surviving these scorching months is what it’s all about

Essential Summer Must Haves By Mary Thompson

Ideally, these summer months would only be composed of sunny days and balmy nights of rest and relaxation. Nevertheless, so many of us are well aware of the fact that it’s not all fun and games. Endless days under the sun and the harsh humidity which is an inescapable element of most evenings can ultimately create havoc on skin and hair if not kept at bay.

Have no fear the ultimate survival kit is here

From frizzy hair, oily skin and sun damaged skin just to name a few common summer hazards. It’s without a doubt essentially crucial to ensure beauty regiments get an extra dose of TLC. However, another well-known fact is that with an increased number of people going on holiday, comes the need for quick fixes that not only get the job done but can also be portable.

This list cuts away the frills and accessories just there to look cut. The following are a concentration of products that will keep the most common of summer mishaps Essential Summer Must Haves

Surviving these scorching months is what it’s all about

Ideally, these summer months would only be composed of sunny days and balmy nights of rest and relaxation. Nevertheless, so many of us are well aware of the fact that it’s not all fun and games. Endless days under the sun and the harsh humidity which is an inescapable element of most evenings can ultimately create havoc on skin and hair if not kept at bay.

Keeping skin healthy shouldn’t take a backseat when hectic schedules fade away

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mist ($19.00 – 29.00) Derm Store, Ulta Beauty, Care to Beauty, Amazon: Shielding skin from the son is important every day, but most importantly on those blazing summer days. Be that as it may, there’s no getting away from the fact that most sunscreens tend to be greasy, heavy and not to mention the unappealing smell.

As a result of those ever-present qualities, most of us neglect to apply sunscreen to the most sensitive of skin, our face. That’s why I was thrilled to come across this product that is not only SPF 60, but it can be worn on top of makeup as well.

What does this mean?

Well, the answer is simple. It’s now possible to look gorgeous while still being protected.

Not only will this product be free of the greasy heavy feeling, but the unflattering smell will be absent as well. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, your makeup won’t run either.

Bioderma ($14.00 – 18.00) Derm Store, Amazon, E Skin Store: This is one of those products that pretty much does a brilliant job no matter what the season. One of the misconceptions about cleansing is that heavy cleansers that form a thick lather are what’s needed to get the job done.

On the contrary, sudsy cleansers may be doing more harm than good. The richer they are increases the chances of residue being left soon after the cleansing process. Bioderma is as gentle as water while at the same time being able to tackle all the toxins most cleansers will leave behind.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir ($35.00 – 49.00) Derm Store: This is another one of those beauty must have that’s impossible to live without. Not only is it great for those days spent in dry heat, but it’s especially great for individuals who do a lot of summer travelling. After all, nothing feels worse on skin that spending long hours on an aeroplane.

Not only are the moisturizing effects instantaneous, but the fragrance is light enough to not bother the other passengers. Plus, despite the fragrance, the absence of harsh ingredients makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Why is it that if hair looks great, everything is right in the world?

For the simple reason that the phrase “bad hair day” is far from just a cliché. One puffy frizz disaster can rain on anyone’s holiday. However, taking a wide array of products is also out of the question since most people tend to travel light to avoid those pesky checked bag fees.

No Frizz Humidity Shield ($12.00 – 19.00) Ulta Beauty, Sephora, QVC: Ideally giving hair a good wash every couple of days is the best way to tame your strands. However, who has the time to do this when all there is to rely on is the hotel hair dryer. This product is in no way supposed to take the place of hair washing.

But, on those days when cleansing your locks is out of the question this product is the next best thing. Not only will it tame frizz, but it won’t weigh hair down or diminish its lift and body.

So, get this summer off to a good start

Now that you’ve figured out the summer essentials. This summer can really get off to a good start.


Mary Thompson

Are Besame Cosmetics Worth It?

By Mary Thompson –

Besame Cosmetics

It’s true what they say classics never die

Faster than most of us can blink, new beauty trends tend to be released. Nevertheless, as fast as they can be released, the same pretty much goes for the short amount of time cosmetic brand hopefuls can get their moment in the spotlight.

Most consumers would agree that because of the similarities between the whole plethora of beauty products we’re bombarded with on a regular basis. It isn’t hard to quickly transition from one to the other. After all, what’s the difference right?

However, there are some products that are incomparable because of an era they encompassed particularly the golden age of Hollywood. As a result of the impact they had on the silver screen, these cosmetics are still widely sought out.

After searching far and wide a hidden diamond in the rough has finally been uncovered, Besame Cosmetics. Created by cosmetic historian, and designer Gabriela Hernandez brings the glamour of vintage beauty together with the must-have standards of consumers today. Not only are only are the products intricately crafted using original tried and true vintage formulas. But, every single of their cosmetics is vegan, cruelty-free and only from natural oils which makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Here are just a few of the products Besame Cosmetics has to offer. If you’re a fan of movie classics and vintage fashion there’s bound to be a product that’ll strike your fancy.

Lips and Rouge

1939 – Tango Red Lipstick ($22.00) https://besamecosmetics.com/collections/lipstick/products/tango-red-lipstick: Even the very name of the products practically screams glamour and beauty. Red with an undertone of light pink and orange is an exact replica of a popular shade in 1939. Just a little goes a long way to create a polished matte finish together with natural moisturizers and pigments combined with vitamin C as well as aloe.

1915 – Rose Delicate Rouge – Limited Production Product ($18.00) https://besamecosmetics.com/products/face-powder-01: The word rouge echoes the elegance of yesteryear. This product is an exact recreation of a popular rouge shade in 1915 as well as its intricately designed case whose attention to detail is astounding. Don’t be scared off by this product bright pink colour upon application it’s important to remember that a little really does go a long way. Just a dab to the apples of your cheeks is all that’s needed to get that photo finish effect. It’s important to not be turned away by its powdery substance upon being applied not only will it last throughout the day, but you’ll get that smooth, not cakey finish.

It’s all about the eyes

1920 – Brown Cake Mascara – Limited Production Color ($25.00) https://besamecosmetics.com/collections/eyes/products/new-hidden-product: An exact replica of the product used by stars of the first ever motion pictures when the lash definition was an absolute must. Due to low-quality film cosmetics that would make the beauty of eyes pop was the only way to grab the audience’s attention. No need to worry about clumping and smudging which sadly has become the norm for so many mascaras developed these days. Given the fact that it had to withstand hours of standing beneath the hot lights after hours of filming. Now make no mistake just because this product will stay put doesn’t mean it’s loaded with harsh ingredients. On the contrary, it’s so gentle that to rinse it off at the end of the day all you need is warm water.

Don’t let its unusual design be a deterrent

Most consumers will be surprised that this mascara doesn’t come in the usual tube form so many of us are used to. Its collectable metal case and brush are a perfect illustration of the quality and care that went into crafting this one of a kind cosmetic.

Could this one of a kind cosmetics take over the mainstream cosmetic sales?

I would not be surprised if they did. This prediction is far from an exaggeration given the fact that Besame Cosmetics has seen success without the aid hardly any advertisement.

What does this have to say about the brand itself?

That’s easy because of the quality of its products they have a solid customer base. Hence, their ability to sustain itself without the aid of advertisement.


Mary Thompson