Fashion Design 101: Choosing the Right Silhouette

Choosing the right silhouette plays an extreme part in the primary impression of a design, color, textile, pattern, and styles. The details of a garment will give the effects and shapes to look great. The combination of styles is another factor concerning when constructing a garment.  The designer always has to concentrate on the awareness of the designs to suit the client’s needs. Is it suitable for the plus size women? Or is the presence look sleek bold and angular? Is the outfit too voluminous?

Creating a fitted bodice paired with a pegged skirt will have an hourglass

appearance; this type of creation is a great fit for plus size women. it helps brings out your curves effectively and evenly throughout the design that looks great and fit properly. Fitted garments are the best for women who wore larger sizes. A good skirt length is measured just above the knees, and the attire must not be too tight but to have enough ease in the garment. With the proper measurements and styles you will have the perfect garment. Sometimes it is good to have your apparel sculptor to suit your silhouettes. Constructing an outfit by draping fits perfectly, it is a duplicate of your body contour. I suggest these kind of skirting fashions such as the pegged, straight, a line, and bell skirt is the perfect outfits for plus size women, that will be fitted symmetrical. Moreover, the benefits of these styles displayed your curves very well.

A suggestion of designs such as semi-gathered, trumpet, semi-flares, and cascades. it has been used for centuries and it looks great depending on the fashion, analyse how it affects a design when integrated into the mix of silhouette, pattern, texture, and details. be careful of too much embellishments causes the outfits to look too busy. Simple is always beautiful. A simpler coordinated garment is always a winner. Purchasing your clothing from Lane Bryant, Ashley Stuart, Dressbarn, Nordstrom, and other plus size stores, you might be lucky to get a few outfits that fitted you properly. Having your clothing made to measure is always the best way to go for plus size women.

Why There’s Still a Need for Plus Size Clothing despite Retailer Attempts to Carry Them

There’s a need for custom made tailored clothing for plus size women. Not every woman is a size 8-14, and there is a whole array of women who need their clothing to be tailored made so it can fit them properly. Purchasing these outfits in the department stores is a quick fix, but store bought clothes usually do nothing for curves. Lane Bryant and Ashley Stuart plus size apparels might fit some clients properly and look great; but most people may not be lucky to have a well fitted garment that compliments their curvy shape. Clients must realize that attires that are being displayed in the stores look great on dress forms / mannequins; but may not look the same on a real person. Many other stores such as Rainbow stores, Macy carried a varieties of extra-large sizes from 14-22 but overall most of these fitting is not built to suit your curvy figures.

These stores provide clothing for the average size woman. They may carry a few extra-large sizes, but it is not a good fit for plus size women. To be fitted properly you need good measurements. Especially the rear and hip areas of the garment needs to be carefully measured giving ease to these parts of the apparels. The result of not having enough space in the outfit causes bulge leaving the back shorter than the front, and it causes the breast closures to become too tight. Moreover, the outfits appears to have creases and uneven hemline. However, some of these clothing are created with no kind of styles, but looked as a large pillow case accompanied with a jewel neckline and armhole. Plus size fashion should always be made with darts, or contour darts that will help shape the outfits; and will bring out a person’s curvy figure. Otherwise, you run the risk of the outfit looking like an oversized sack.

Custom clothing may cost more money, but the end result is still worth it with better results than store bought . Especially when considering trousers that don’t fit properly. Many times we see complaints that the crotch area is too short. This is often because cause one leg is shorter than the other.


Happy 125th Anniversary for Swami Vivekananda and The Introduction of Hinduism to Chicago

September 11th is actually remembered for a different reason than you think, a positive one.  It is also the date of the first day of the Parliament of Religions event in Chicago in 1893.  At this historic event, Swami Vivekananda introduced Vedanta to the United States and forever changed the course of religion and interfaith relations.



How Will You Measure Happiness in Your Relationships?

Happiness in our relationships is a big deal to all of us! We all want it but only some of us get it. In his book How Will You Measure Your Life Clayton Christensen a professor at Harvard Business School has something to say about this subject. Happiness is a measure of our lives!

Finding Happiness in Your Work Life

Happiness and success aren’t about making heaps of money or having the perfect family. It’s a balance between motivation and being deliberate. Christensen states it’s impossible to have a meaningful conversation about happiness without an understanding of what makes us tick. Most of us don’t understand the true nature of our motivations – and thus, ourselves.

Making heaps of money does not make you happy if you hate how you earn that money or how the company makes money to pay you. Money might make you tolerate your work life or the relationship you are in, but it won’t make you happy.

More importantly what are the things that bring you satisfaction? These are the things that motivate you, fill your tank and make you feel alive! So, part of the process of seeking happiness is to know makes you feel alive, brings you purpose and meaning.

Once you start to get a clear picture of what success and fulfilment looks like for you, you have to ensure that you put your time, money and energy towards them. One of the mistakes that we often make is to dedicate our efforts and resources to the things that yield the most immediate and tangible accomplishments.

As an example, many people prioritise things like a promotion, getting a new car over things that require long-term work to see a return, like raising good children and having a loving relationship.

Finding Happiness in Your Relationships

Christensen says that the relationships we have with family and close friends are the most important sources of happiness in our lives. Putting them on the back burner – no matter how important it seems at the time – is a big mistake. By the time we realise that there are serious problems in a relationship, it’s often too late to repair them. As a relationships coach I concur. I often see people who have waited too long to get help. Help is not impossible but the longer you leave it the more work you need to get it to work.

Here’s a way to ensure that it never gets to the point of no return!

Good relationships need consistent attention and care. There will always be an ebb and flow of how intense that attention can be, but it must always be there, never allowing things to be running on empty. There are two forces that will work against you here.

First, it’s tempting to invest your time, energy and money into things that give you an immediate payoff. Like that promotion at work, or that next big project that needs your full attention for weeks at a time. Second, your family and friends will almost always be supportive of you, but how many times can they sit and wait for you to remember them? You must guard against this and put in the time and effort into the things that will help nourish those relationships on a regular basis.

Jobs To Be Done in Relationships

If you want to find the key to strong and healthy relationships, you need to figure out the jobs that need doing in the lives of those around you. These things will vary from relationship to relationship, and the key is to listen to the other person deeply (long enough) to find out.

In the areas of your life where you can choose your relationships, you’ll want to look for somebody who you want to make happy – somebody you find yourself wanting to sacrifice for. Why? Things are not always rosy and when they are not going well you will dig deep and be there for the other person.

Christensen rightly points out, if falling in love is the ultimate understanding of each other’s jobs to be done, then what cements that commitment is the extent to which you each sacrifice themselves to make it happen and continue to invest to keep the love fire burning.

Not sure how to do this? Seek out a relationships coach  to help show you how you can keep the happiness fires burning.

Christensen ends the book with a powerful line: Decide what you stand for. And then stand for it all of the time.

This is your measure – choose what you stand for and do it and that will determine your happiness!

The Empire Bra ( for plus size women )

M3A Designs presents a unique Bra and panty set collection for plus size women named ” The Empire Bra.” The bra is created on the empire line and beautifully decorated with a smooth broader elastic base with a 1 inch bra strap.

The underwear is a high waist and high cut panty that is connected by a 1 inch smooth elastic, and a 1/2 inch elastic trimming decorated around the legs with a cotton crotch interior. The bra cups are designed to fit properly. During my twenty-eight years of medical and Surgical nursing I had encountered many patients with countless problems of constricted under garments. These women suffered from excoriated areas under their breast and shoulders; from wearing ill-fitted bra cups which was too small. Moreover, the joining between the cup area is not accurate and a 1/2 inch bra strap that left indent on their skin, causing abrasion on their shoulders.

The regular undergarments cause reddened marks on their abdomen and leg areas. Because there is not enough ease around the leg, and the 1/2 inch elastic at the waist causes abrasions on their bodies. Our brand is made with a 1 inch smooth elastic for the waistline with enough ease. The regular store brands are not suitable for plus size women it causes too much discomfort.

M3A Designs Empire Brassiere and panty collection is created in such a way to protect skin areas, and most of all it is comfortable and well fitted. The high cut high waist underwear has a smooth 1 inch elastic for the waistline, and decorated according to the styles. It is formulated in such a way to prevent  reddened areas on the client’s body. The high cut in the leg areas with a 1/3 inch elastic trimming is created to have more ease around the leg.

The Empire Bra and high waistline/ high cut sexy look to cover the stomach area from protruding. It will fit properly, fashionable luxury garment that feel great. The bra and underwear will contemplate as a’ girdle.’ it will have a smooth fit under the clothing. These garments will be selling at affordable prices.

Every plus size stores and plus size women will be interesting in ” The Empire Bra Collection.”

Breakfast Goes Global

Breakfast is a global experience.

Breakfast has always been a passion of mine and discovering new cultures sounds like an adventure to me especially when it involves travel. Whenever I visit a new place, I always try and eat what the locals do.  Eating food that you love is important, but so is continuing with traditions and cultural norms.  What I learned through this research process is that no matter how modernized we become, there are still foods that reminds us of home.


A great way to start a long day

One of the most popular breakfast options in Mexico is Chilaquiles.  A combination of Corn tortillas are cut up, sprinkled with cheese, chilies, salsa and an egg is just something special. If I had to explain it to someone, I would say it is an enchilada with eggs.  It is popular because it includes all the traditional flavors connected to Mexico.


In Columbia you can find a variety of flavors. Between the sweet and salty dishes, it can be hard to choose one option. Colombians are passionate about their culture and would waste no time in feeding you their traditional meals. The most traditional breakfast inn this region is Changua. This dish is a milk soup that consists of milk, eggs, coriander and scallions. It is traditionally eaten with a piece of bread called “calado”.  This dish is synonymous with the Chibcha people, who were an indigenous group in the Cundinamarca region


An Italian classic cafè and cornetto

When it comes to food in Italy, there is no doubt that some of the best dishes are created here. There is something about Italy that inspires me to cook better and enjoy the meals I prepare. I have learned to slow down and give the flavors a chance to tell me their stories. Moving away from the world, Italy is not really into having savory breakfasts. You can commonly find a sweet treat as breakfast options here. A Cornetto, which is a croissant that is much smaller than the huge French croissant.  This of course must be enjoyed with an espresso.


The Catalan region in Spain is famous for a lot of delicious and traditional dishes.  A common breakfast options here is called Pan a la Catalina.  Bread rubbed with garlic and topped with tomato relish and olive oil.  The flavors go well together and it has been standing the test of time as one of the best breakfasts to have in Spain.

United States

America enjoy French toast, pancakes but one stands out. Bring on the bacon, eggs and hash browns. This is what a typical American breakfast is, but a lot of people are becoming more health conscious. There is nothing wrong with this breakfast option, but Americans are coming up with healthier options day by day. This country is diverse, so what might seem typical for one family is not always the same for the next.


Often a breakfast in Germany does not require any time spent in front of the stove. A meat and cheese platter with some delicious break would be more of an option here. The platter also includes jams and various spreads. It’s like a breakfast buffet that you can easily grab on your way out the door.


One of the most controversial ingredients in the world has to be vegemite. Well, Australians seem to love it so much that they slather it on a slice of toast for breakfast. Some people from other countries who have tried vegemite does not understand the popularity of it, but it has been around since 1923, so it is here to stay.


Vegemite has been an Australian favorite since 1923

Our taste buds crave different meals based on location. Of course, this can have to do with what we grow up eating as kids, but I believe it goes deeper than that. There are days when I miss the simple meals my mom would make, even when I have an extravagant dish as an option. Food creates memories and it is those memories that often times define our taste buds and cravings. What are some of your favorite cuisines from around the world?


Semone NoelSemone Noel, a transplant New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn by Caribbean parents. After moving to Italy and discovering the Italian Sweet Life for herself. She created the food & wine blog, named one of the top 50 gastronomy blogs in summer 2017 by Facebook. Inc.

5 Top Italian Wines for Less Than Starbucks

Italian Wine
Italian Biodynamic wines are increasingly become more popular both inside Italy and outside of Italy

Outside of Italy it is not always easy to fine top Italian wines that cost under 10. For some reason, we have associated the cost of wine with the enjoyment thereof. Just because you paid over 90 for a bottle of wine, does not necessarily mean that it is to your taste. I enjoy pairing wine with food as many of you might know and the price is not really something I focus on. If the wine tastes good and can be paired with the dish I have in mind, then I buy it.  Usually I attend as many wine tasting as possible to sample what is not only good but also affordable.

Some would have everyone believe that French wines are of a higher quality than almost any other country.  However if you were to compare to the wine produced in Italy to that of almost any other country you would find that Italian wines are amazing especially when compared in price to their French counterpart. Out of the 50 most expensive wines in the world, 38 are produced in France. Just because something costs more, does not necessarily mean it is of a higher quality. There are some expensive wines that I enjoy, but then there are those that cost less than $10 dollars and taste just as delicious, if not more. I have decided to share some of my favorite low budget Italian wines with you.

Top Five Wines For less than a steak dinner

  • Capezzana, Conti Contini Sangiovese Toscana 2005 – €9

The dark vine (Sangiovese) is usually synonymous when it comes to Tuscany’s red wines. This vine goes back for generations and is the core ingredient in some of Italy’s top wines. The slow ripening provides a stronger wine and is richer than those produced from earlier ripening vines. Having a wine that is 100% made from the Sangiovese blend provides a clean and fruity taste with a light spice tone. This wine is great for pairing with red meat or a vegetarian dish with legumes as the base.

  •  Monte degli Angeli, Monferrato Pinot Noir – 2007 – €9

A great wine to have with any dinner has to be Monderreto Pinot Noir. It’s medium bodied with a smoky and fruity undertone. There is a hint of cinnamon and plum sauce hidden in there, which softens the taste just a little.  If you are not a red wine person, the taste of this wine is easy to get used to and enjoy.

  • Feudo Arancio, Nero d’Avola – 2007 €9

    Italy uses over 3,000 grapes officially to produces it vast assortment of high quality wines.

When you are looking for an uncomplicated wine with medium intensity, this one might be a good option for you. It’s dry with fruity tones and a bitter finish that is not unpleasant. This is one of those wines where price does not determine taste. If compared to some of its more expensive counterparts, this wine does not make the competition easy.

  • Bricco dei Tati, Barbera Piemonte – 2007 €7

Barbera wines are usually full bodied, but this one I would place more in the medium category. Besides the prune and cinnamon tones, you can also experience some earthy tones like mushroom, sage and leather. As sinful as it might be to pair a red wine with white meat, this works surprisingly well. If I had to guess, I’d say it has to do with the light fruity tones of blueberry and cherry.

  • Cupcake Prosecco, Veneto – €8

Sparkling wines are fun and creates an atmosphere of celebration, even if there isn’t one. Just the name Cupcake Prosecco sounds delicious and it does not disappoint. It’s light and airy with an undeniable taste of cupcakes. The tones of citrus is prominent and although seen as a desert wine, it’s also great to sip on without any pairing. For me, in the battle of Italian Prosecco versus French Champagne, Prosecco wins of quality for price.

There is an excellent Italian Wine for every budget

At the end of the day no matter what the occasion may be, there is just something special about opening a bottle of wine. It might be your reward for winning in the boardroom or simply in celebration of making it through a tough time. At the end of the day, even strangers can have a few things in common.

Semone NoelSemone Noel, a transplant New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn by Caribbean parents. After moving to Italy and discovering the Italian Sweet Life for herself. She created the food & wine blog, named one of the top 50 gastronomy blogs in summer 2017 by Facebook. Inc.

East Asian Secrets to Staying Slim

yoga indian yoga guy meditation symbol body health asian zen exercise spiritual yogi peace meditating relaxation spirituality energy harmony fitness people balance person pose young concentration nature relax calm vitality wellbeing wellness exercising yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga meditation health health health health exercise exercise exercise balance wellness wellness
YogawithAmit (CC0), Pixabay

Could Oolong tea be the key to achieving lasting weight loss?

Most of us are all too familiar with the cycles of fluctuating weight which seems to be a never lasting battle against getting rid of those annoying pounds. Once they’ve been taken off a few months later and they’re back again.

But, what if there was a way to keep the weight off altogether?

Most of the main reasons behind these diet failures are crash diets that no one can stick to for obvious reasons. Such as the allowed food of that current diet plan just not tasting very good and who can forget daily calorie counting?

Wouldn’t it be great to eat what we want and keep the pounds at bay?

Perhaps the answer could be hiding in plain sight

One of the most eye-opening cultural differences between western and eastern cultures particularly that of China and Japan is that they seem to be eating dishes most of us would consider unhealthy. In terms of carbs through rice and noodles practically 3 times a day or more as well as high-calorie foods. After all one of the first things that come to mind when people think of Chinese cuisine is something indulgent that just isn’t healthy.

This perception of Asian cuisine has been immersed in western society so much so that it’s been second nature to approach these food choices in that mindset. Wouldn’t it be great to find out that these take away dishes so many of us are fond of could actually be beneficial to health?

No expensive supplements or work out routines will be found here

That statement is far from a catchy phrase. On the contrary, it’s the essence of the East Asian healthy diet. After all, people were thin before gyms. There’s no reason we should believe that access to expensive exercise equipment is the only way to get healthy. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a good walk in the park.

But, as it is with everything else in order to achieve not only a lean physique and be healthy on the inside as well there has to be a key component. That’s precisely where Oolong tea comes in to play.

The weight loss benefits of Oolong tea have proved to be such a valid claim that health care practitioners have gone so far to say that the effects are not just far highly possible in fact they’re guaranteed. Before competitors voice objections to this claim by saying it just can’t be done. Perhaps we should look to results demonstrated across entire populations.

What exactly is Oolong tea?

A semi-fermented Chinese tea which because of its oxidation process has enabled it to combine is unique components with those found in green tea as well. The result is a brew that practically zeros in on weight loss.

By consuming just two cups per day as part of one’s regular routine will help to prevent the proliferation of fat cells. In addition, an increase in metabolism will occur. Thus, it plays a key role in the prevention as well as turning the clock back on obesity.

The lack of negative side effects makes Oolong tea suitable for adults and children since the caffeine contained in each cup is minimal, to say the least. Each of the health benefits contained in Oolong tea is so potent that even individuals who typically indulge in high-fat sugary foods see noticeable benefits in how they look and feel.

The benefits just keep getting better

As a result of the anti-obesity benefits of Oolong tea, it is also a key component in the prevention of high cholesterol and heart disease. Just when it couldn’t get any better regular consumption is also linked to combatting ovarian cancer. Other well-known benefits are increasing bone strength, clarifying skin allergies and mental sharpness.

Why wait?

Certainly, Oolong tea is well known for improving health. But, why wait for illness and weight gain to occur. Unlike most supplements who if taken too early can be harmful. Oolong tea is safe enough to consume even before health problems occur.

It’s hardly complicated, just brew for 3 minutes and there you go. So give it a try there is literally nothing to lose.



Mary Thompson