Sephora Minis

By Mary Thompson –

Sephora Minis

Clearly great things do come in small packages

The most commonly believed false truth is that in order to have come away with a successful shopping trip to Sephora are bags of full-sized products of the latest beauty craze. However, what most shoppers will be shocked to hear is that Sephora’s products in mini size are now on the top of their best seller list.

Don’t underestimate the capabilities of these tiny treasures

One of the latest trends encompassing the mini beauty craze is beauty boxes delivered straight to your doorstep. The cost of these monthly packages starts off as low as $10 per month. However, upon careful review one of the biggest disadvantages to these subscriptions is that what they deliver is far from the hype surrounding them.

When unwrapping one of these beauty packages one of the first things most customers realize is that more often than not the products are of unknown brands. These disappointments can have more serious consequences when unsuspecting customers venture to try them out and end up having horrible allergic reactions.

For the most part when these mishaps do occur consumers are kicking themselves and more than likely heading to the local Sephora to purchase products they can trust. An ugly misconception surrounding these beauty excursions is that they’re bound to cost a pretty penny.

Could Sephora’s “Play!” soon put other beauty subscriptions to shame?

No doubt Sephora’s corporate execs have caught on to the fact that consumer demand is clearly all over beauty boxes. However, despite the similarities to other subscriptions one thing missing from Sephora’s beauty subscription is that adverse effects are virtually non-existent.

Just when we thought that a monthly subscription on top of the line products couldn’t get better they just did. Not only are the products great, but the price is too.

To get yours click the link below. You’re sure not to be disappointed.

PLAY! by Sephora Monthly Subscription Box $10.00 Monthly Subscription:

Each package comes with 5 beauty samples, a beauty bonus product, a makeup bag as well as access to video tutorials and so much more. So much for sketchy subscriptions huh? Those fiasco bargain beauty kits hiding behind clever advertisements could soon go out of business.

Drunk Elephant NightBright™ Duo ($28.00) Gorgeous skin is an asset most people aspire to achieve. With that quest comes countless purchases of serums and creams which when added up can equal a small mortgage. However, what most don’t realize is that one of the biggest secrets to flawlessness doesn’t cost a thing.


What free beauty secret could I be referring to?

Simple a good night’s sleep. However, to truly achieve gorgeous results why not give your zzzz’s a boost with this combination facial oil treatment. If worn overnight this majestic combo will leave skin softer, more refreshed and a noticeable reduction of fine lines.

No need to worry about your skin soaking up harsh chemicals which can do more harm than good. These facial oils are gentle enough to use on any type of skin even the most sensitive types.

Who knew the term beauty rest could actually be more than a catchy phrase, but one that carries actual validity?

Urban Decay All Day All Night Travel Duo ($19.00) This is a product that I absolutely love, for the simple reason that it works. Just a few spritzes of the all-nighter product acts as an invisible glue like effect without the sticky feeling to hold makeup in place all day and night.

For those rougher days when things tend to stray just a few spritzes of quick fix will straighten things out like it never happened. Unlike most setting sprays which can cause skin and eye irritations if worn for long periods of time as with most Sephora products, this is free from harsh chemicals.

You’ll look gorgeous without the discomfort. Looks beauty doesn’t have to take pain all the time.

Looks like great products don’t have to come with astronomical prices

Perhaps the stereotype behind Sephora products costing too much for everyday use may just be that. These little goodies are sure to put a smile on your face without burning a hole in your pocket.

Give them a try you won’t regret it.


Mary Thompson


Has Disney Lost its Magic?

Anand Bhatt Celebrity Wall

Looks like the only source of wonder coming out of the Disney vaults are refurbished versions of their classic animated movies

To say that Disney is no longer producing new motion pictures would be a lie after all one can’t ignore the production of films such as Moana. Nevertheless, anyone who’s grown up fascinated by Mickey and all of Disney’s characters, knows all too well that the classic tales such as Cinderella and Snow White just to name a few have managed to remain beloved in the hearts of millions of fan’s throughout the world.

Somehow, despite the decades since their creation they’ve managed to not only keep fans but continually gain them as well

Through an outside point of view, anyone would think that if Disney has made these masterpieces before they most certainly could do them again. However, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The imagination is gone and with that originality.

It’s no secret that most Disney stories are based on other fairy tales. However, with the addition of songs, additional characters and other bits and pieces here and there. These tales have become uniquely Disney. These adaptations have completely encompassed the stories that their adaptations have at times been accepted by some as being the original versions of the fairytales they portray.

Tweaks of characters, songs and quotable lines were able to attract a whole new generation of audiences.

Too much of a good thing is just turns out to be anything, but a magical masterpiece

For the past few years, Disney original features seem to be taken over by remakes of films that are already perfect. This trend of animations come to life are far from over. In fact from 2018-2020 and beyond since these announcements are just that.

There’s got to be a bit more pizazz to be considered a brand new timeless classic

I along with others who grew up watching Disney’s feature films have rather high expectations when remakes of these beloved tales are announced. However, something seems amiss since if we’re going by the descriptions of the announcements. The only thing that audiences can look forward to is that films will no longer be cartoons.

On the contrary the people will be real, animals talk and the magical scenery will come to life. In other words, every bit of Disney’s classic tales will be in the flesh. The creators who were long sought out to recreate these beloved stories admittingly state that most of their films are going to adhere strictly to the original.

Otherwise, knowns as nothing special at all. After all how hard is it to imagine what animations would look like in the real world?

Weren’t fairytales meant to be light-hearted and uncomplicated?

To be fair not all of these remakes are so predictable. But, what if the differences in the plot and characters were all for the wrong reasons? After all, the main reason why Disney’s timeless animated films are beloved is that of the magic and wonder they bring into their audience’s lives?

Apparently, the creators of these new twists on movies so many of us have grown up with didn’t get the memo.  For instance, clever back stories that at times can do more harm than good.

If it’s not broke don’t fix it

Why alter perceptions of villains or give audiences a look at what happened after happily ever after?

Faith, hope and pixie dust?

It’s going to take a lot more than that to get the Walt Disney Corporation back up to par with enchanting audiences with magical lands they’ve never seen before.

Maybe we should cut Disney some slack after all it does promise to make dreams come true? What better dream come true than to enchant generations of audiences once again?

Well, I guess it could happen. When profits drop and more films go straight to DVD or the latest Netflix hit the creators at Disney could finally see the light.

We can only hope since, who wants to go to the movies and gaze at scenes whose underlying theme is “predictable?”

All good things come to an end. Could this harsh reality apply to Disney films as well?

When all the movies are remade, remastered and given clever back stories, well let’s just say the Disney well may start to run dry. A scary thought isn’t it?


Mary Thompson

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Gifts for Mum on Her Special Day

Shouldn’t the most important day be finding something special for that special woman in all our lives?

There’s no longer a need to get stuck in the Mother’s Day rush forcing so many of us to resort to greeting cards and boxes of candy. Why not give mum something she really wants? Now because of the world’s leader in beauty, Sephora you can.

Some of these presents may be more economical in price, after all, it’s the thought that counts. Others are going to cost a bit more since let’s face it she’s worth it. For shoppers who can afford to spend a bit more why not?

Gifts under $25 they may not cost that much, but they’re sure to put a smile on mum’s face

Kiel’s Since 1851 Ultimate Strength Hand Salve ($23.00) Who knew mum could get so much joy out of a tube of hand cream. After all, she does day in and out a small amount of this high quality rich yet non-greasy product will thoroughly soften her hands without a heavy caky feel.

At first glance the price may seem a bit steep for a tube of hand cream, however, after taking a deeper glance into its capabilities and ingredients it’s worth every penny. Avocado oil with a boost of vitamins A, D and E for an ounce of potassium. Not to mention a good amount of sesame oil is sure to soften even the driest hands.

After everything mum does, she sure deserves it.

For those of us who choose to spend a bit more why not give these goodies under $50 a try?

AMIKA Polished Perfection Mini Straightening Brush ($35.00) Mums go on holiday too with that being said doesn’t she deserve to look her best even away from home? At first glance, most customers may be under the assumption that high-quality styling tools at Sephora a bound to cost a bundle. Nevertheless, isn’t it a pleasant surprise that not only will this brush leave her locks straight, frizz free and full of shine, but for a fraction of the price.

The money-saving affects this little product just keeps getting better. Mum will forget about paying high fees to check bags. Why? Simple this product is absolutely aeroplane approved.

So, why not bring a smile to mum’s face by giving this beauty must-have gem.

Laura Mercier Set & Glow Mini Set ($45.00) This is another product perfect for mums on the go. Wouldn’t boring foundations and concealers do a better job at enunciating mums gorgeous features by giving them a little bit of bling?

Just a touch of these practically weightless shimmering powders will turn any mum’s makeup from drab to fab in a matter of seconds.


Every kit comes with:

  •    Translucent Loose Setting Powder in Translucent
  •    Secret Brightening Powder for Under Eyes
  •    Mineral Illuminating Powder in Candlelight
  •    Mini Velour Puff

Best of all these products are completely free of sulfates and phthalates as well being completely aeroplane approved.

For those who can afford to spend a bit more, treats ranging from $75 or a bit more are sure to put a smile on mum’s face

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II ($98.00) There’s a reason why this product is so popular despite the high price, it works. It’s well known that mums get more beautiful with time. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean mum can’t turn back time at least when wrinkles and other forms of ageing are concerned.

Now extraordinary results are possible without costly surgery. Wouldn’t it be great for mum to achieve true anti-ageing effectiveness without the risks? After all how easy is it to apply a few drops of this serum before bedtime?

Don’t skimp on mum’s favourites

Without a doubt, mum will love anything you give her. But, why not give some of these products a try and give her something she wants too. 

If nothing strikes your fancy there’s always a gift card that’s sure to please anyone.


Mary Thompson


Could Sling TV Mean the end of Cable?

Anand Bhatt Celebrity Wall

What if binge-watching isn’t your thing?

As crazy as it sounds tuning into complete seasons of shows with little to no commercials isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sure it’s ok every once in a while perhaps when the series is new and exciting, but to do this on a regular basis can only best be described as tiresome. Since, after a while, anything can get old and predictable.

Nothing takes the form of predictability more than being able to mimic pages of dialogue from every single episode.  

With that being said sometimes more traditional forms of television is what viewers are in the mood for.  Such as advertisements and not knowing exactly what episode is going to come up next?

Is it at all possible to get all the benefits of cable without the ever-increasing price tags?

Absolutely! Say goodbye to the dreaded cable bill whose price seems to be some sort of morbid guessing game. So much for the promotional deals which have no resemblance of to what customers are actually going to get.

Another non-transparent promotional tool?

Hardly, now there truly is an alternative to paying for cable, it’s Sling TV. Starting at just $20 per month and as little as $5 per bonus add-on viewer will now absolutely only pay for exactly what they want completely tax free.

Can these prices last?

They most certainly can. In fact with Sling TV increases as the months fly by is virtually nonexistent. What you see what see in prices is what you get.

Hidden fees aka fine print?

Not a chance! One of the main goals Sling TV strives achieve is exactly what sets them apart from the rest, extraordinary customer service. Developing this reputation for always giving the customer exactly what they want is actually quite simple.

Cancellation capabilities without penalties of high fees. To make things even better when customers want to restore services all that needs to be done is a quick phone call and a few clicks of the Roku remote, an essential component of Sling TV.

This process can take as little as a few minutes even for the most technologically impaired individuals.

Once again this drums out another hassle brought upon by cable TV

Anyone who has ventured out to acquire cable is all too familiar with the dreaded wait for the cable guy. Despite promises show up on time, customers know that staying home all day and at times a night for a technician to show up is definitely in the cards.

Not to mention the fact that Sling TV will bring homes lots of entertainment without the need for thick cable wires. After all, there’s nothing more unsightly than wires running throughout the entire home.

Can Sling TV really deliver everything cable can?

99.9% of the time it can. On rare occasions, there may be a certain program which isn’t available. Nevertheless, this occurrence is so rare that it’s hardly a noticeable deal breaker. These mishaps are so unlikely that a large portion of users who’ve acquired Sling TV have not reported seeing this error at all.

What about the big game?

Well just throw some major sports channels into the mix and Sling TV is truly going to give cable companies a run for their money.

Are there any benefits left when it comes to cable?

Hardly, since Sling TV has been able to mimic the features of cable at a price that won’t break the bank.

When it comes to incentives most cable companies will use in a desperate attempt to not lose any customers a wider selection of channels is usually thrown into their list of excuses. However, what most companies fail to mention is that these are more often than not fluff to take up space. Otherwise known as infomercials and music.

Without question choosing to go with Sling will not only get you more bang for your buck and a wide selection of customizable entertainment. However, before making the jump remember this one essential component…

In order for Sling to deliver quality entertainment, a high-speed Internet connection is a key. However, given the fact that most individuals practically live on portable devices out and about and at home, having access to high-speed WIFI is hardly a challenge.

So what are you waiting for?

Give Sling a try, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.


Mary Thompson


The Hike Up to Maha Kali Temple in Darjeeling

– Watch the whole vid to hear the various bells and see all the colors!   There was no way I was going to be in Bengal and Not visit Ma Kali.  Not a Chance.  The Mahakal Mandir sits atop quite the hike upwards.  I’m very impressed my mother came along the whole way. One of the most meaningful temple experiences personally that I’ve been able to have in India, grateful my mother wanted to share it with me let alone endure the walk up.

We started out from the famous Glenary’s Bakery & Cafe and made our way up (and up, and up).

“Kali stands on the bosom of Shiva; Shiva lies on the ground like a corpse. Prakriti performs all Her activities in conjunction with Purusha. Thus She creates, preserves, and destroys… That which sports with Kala is called Kali. She is the Primal Energy. Kala and Kali, Brahman and Shakti, are indivisible… Thus one cannot think of Brahman without Shakti, or of Shakti without Brahman.
One cannot think of the Absolute without the Relative, or of the Relative without the Absolute. The Primordial Power is ever at play. She is creating, preserving, and destroying in play…”
– Shri Ramakrishna

Inside the Ghoom Monastery in Darjeeling #Tibetan #Buddhism

The Ghum (or Ghoom) Monastery is the popular name of the historic original Yiga Choeling Monastery built in Darjeeling by the Mongolian monk and astrologer, Sokpo Sherab Gyatso, at an elevation of 8,000 feet.  It is still a running monastery – I peeked into a classroom and saw little shaved head kids  – lots of monks in the making – reciting verses.  I couldn’t get one of them to smile though, I tried 😉 .